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The Venue Sets the Stage

Article written by: By Gretchen Mayer, Special to the American News (

One the most important wedding commitments you’ll have to make – after saying ‘yes,’ of course – is choosing the venue. All other decisions trickle down from this first step: formality of the event, number of guests, theme, budget, and distance to travel.

A lot of the traditional elements can be eliminated – (perhaps you don’t want to choose a set of colors, or the bride does not wish to carry a bouquet. Unique has become the norm,) but choosing a venue – this is a non-negotiable.

Fading into dusty memory (and photo albums) is the solemn ceremony in a big church with friends and family of the groom seated on one side of the aisle and friends and family of the bride seated on the other side.

In 2019, engaged couples are gravitating toward the intimate, the unusual, and the personal – perhaps even returning to the place they first met to get married. Hopefully it wasn’t a laundromat.

Hosting weddings for three hundred guests is not in the headlights this year. Smaller numbers with nicer amenities is the trend, which opens up all sorts of venue options from a rooftop celebration on Main Street to a small family event in an art museum.

It seems that few locations are too extreme or socially off-limits:

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